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Citizenship Questions

New Citizenship Questions & Answers

Below are the official new citizenship test questions and answers provided by the USCIS. These are printable citizenship test. Just download the PDF and print! These US citizenship exam questions are free, and we are adding more languages.

Thanks to generous users who sent these files to us, we now have the new citizenship test questions and answers in fifteen (15) languages! Even so, we are still receiving requests for the new citizenship test questions in Korean, Hindi, Gujarati, Arabic... Please email them to us so we can share with everybody. Thank you.

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    Citizenship Questions in 15 languages!

  1. English: Citizenship Test Questions & Answers in English (View online)   Free download - PDF
  2. Spanish: Citizenship Questions in Spanish (Preguntas de Cívismo Para el Examen de Naturalización Rediseñado) (PDF)
  3. Portuguese: Citizenship Questions in Portuguese (PDF)
  4. Chinese: Citizenship Questions in Chinese: 公民歸化新試題 (PDF)
  5. Vietnamese: Citizenship Questions in Vietnamese: Câu hỏi Thi Quốc Tịch - 100 Câu hỏi mới (PDF)
  6. Amharic: Citizenship Questions in Amharic - Ethiopian (PDF)
  7. Oromo: Citizenship Questions in Oromo Gaafii Qoranno Lammumma Haara - Afaan Oromoo - Ethiopian (PDF)
  8. Bosnian: Citizenship Questions in Bosnian - Albanians / Serbs (MS Word) Gradjanska (Istorija i Vlada) Pitanja za Preoblikovani (Novi) Test Za Državljanstvo)
  9. Russian: Citizenship Questions in Russian (PDF)
  10. Cambodian (Khmer): Citizenship Questions in Cambodian (Khmer) (PDF)
  11. French: Citizenship Questions in French Questions Civiques (Histoire et Gouvernement) pour l’ Examen (Désigné de Nouveau) de citoyenneté (PDF)
  12. Laotian: Citizenship Questions in Laotian (PDF)
  13. Somalian: Citizenship Questions in Somalian - Su’Aalaha Ku Saabsan Dawladda Mareykanka - African country (PDF)
  14. Tagalog: Citizenship Questions in Tagalog - Mga Katanungan sa Sibika (Kasaysayan at Pamahalaan) para sa Pinalitan ng Disenyo (Bagong) Iksamen para sa Naturalisasyon - Filipino - Philippines (PDF)
  15. Thai: Citizenship Questions in Thai (PDF)

We are adding more languages! Many more! Please check back soon if you don't see your language here.

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Who is one of your state's U.S. Senators?

Answers to your state-related questions

The answers for the questions above (question #20) and #24, #43, #44 can be found on this "Citizenship Questions Related to Your State" page.

Citizenship Test Questions in Other Languages

Here's a listing of the ten most popular languages spoken worldwide, along with the approximate number of primary or first language speakers for that language. Citizenship Coach is working to add the citizenship test questions and answers in these languages:

  1. Mandarin Chinese - 882 million — available
  2. Spanish - 325 million — available
  3. English - 312-380 million — available
  4. Arabic - 206-422 million
  5. Hindi - 181 million
  6. Portuguese - 178 million
  7. Bengali - 173 million
  8. Russian - 146 million
  9. Japanese - 128 million
  10. German - 96 million

If you have the NEW citizenship test questions and answers in your language, please send it to us if you wish to help people around the US that speak your language. Thank you.