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SurePass™ Online Citizenship Test Training is so easy to use, anyone with internet access can use it. SurePass' users are people just like you!

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People Like You!

SurePass™ helps people like you understand the questions, know exactly the easiest answer , and know how to say it correctly word by word. Everybody can benefit from SurePass. SurePass helps you get ready for your interview way ahead of time!

Busy People

Too busy and don't have time to go to class? SurePass™ helps busy people take the most out of their time. Everything is available in one place within SurePass™ You can learn with SurePass™ during your break-times at work, in the morning with a cup of coffee in hand, before you go to bed... Anytime, anywhere.

Family & Friends

Citizenship Test Friends and Family

With one SurePass™ account, you can share among the members of your family and friends. You can learn together. SurePass™ can be like a family game: You can take a citizenship test together to see who get the most questions right. Family studies together passes the exam together. Only with SurePass™ can you do that.

Older Parents or Grandparents

Citizenship Test for Older People

Believe it or not, we have a 90 year old lady try out SurePass™. With just point and click, SurePass is even easier to use than your VCR at home! Best of all, they can play the exact section they want to learn, again and again, such as replaying the answer videos or the word-to-know audios. They will really appreciate you signing up for them.

Citizenship Test Teachers or Colleges

Citizenship Test for Classroom

Citizenship Test Teacher can bring excitement to their classroom by utilizing SurePass™ Test during class. Your students will love it. The whole class can do the test together and be graded together. Too busy to prepare your lesson? Just turn on SurePass Lesson in class and go through them with your students! Let students do their test at home and report the result to you! If you're a citizenship teacher, get free SurePass access now.

Libraries or Community Centers

Making SurePass™ available for free at libraries and community center is probably one of the better way to help the immigrant communities. It's what they need the most. We're glad to form partnership with local libraries or communities to make SurePass the more accessible to all immigrants. Please see our Partnership page for more information.

Immigration Lawyers or Officers

Immigration Lawyers

Immigration lawyers, do you have to keep reading the questions over and over again for your client? With a very low sign up fee, you can give your client access to our online class where they can learn on their own, at their own pace! Some lawyers include a SurePass access to their clients as a part of their service promotions.

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