Citizenship Test Resources for Teachers

Free SurePass Access for Citizenship Teachers

SurePass is a very effective tool for citizenship teachers to use in class, especially for practicing tests. We're opening up our SurePass Online Citizenship Test Training System to teachers nationwide to use in their classrooms for FREE! If you are a Citizenship Teacher with a classroom of 5 students or more and would like to use SurePass in your classroom, please contact us and we will be glad to set up a free account for you. Below is the requirements:

  • You are an active Citizenship Teacher
  • You have a formal classroom sponsored by your community, church, or a non-profit organization
  • Send an email to with the following information: Your name, contact phone number, organization name & contact number

That's not all. We're working on a short curriculum and teaching materials to help you help your immigrant communities. In the mean time, if you want to add your class to our free Citizenship Class Directory, please let us know.

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Citizenship Coach Certification

We're proud to offer our own Citizenship Coach™ Certification™ to qualifying teachers or volunteers. To become one of our certified Citizenship Coach™'s Coaches, you must satisfy ALL of the followings:

  • is an active teacher or volunteer working with immigrants in your community
  • is 18 years or older, currently living in the United States
  • is a citizen of the United States of America

So, what will I gain?

Beside bragging rights, you will gain the followings:

  • An official Citizenship Coach™'s Certificate
  • Have access to our maketing materials to help you advertise your citizenship test class in your community
  • Promotion of your class in our citizenship test class directory
  • Participate in our special Affiliate Programs
  • Special discounts on your orders

If you qualify for this CitizenshipCoach's Certification program, please email us at:

Thank you for taking part in this program. Please note that USCIS does not provide citizenship teacher certificate, and this program is not in partnership with the USCIS in any way.