After the Citizenship Interview, What Next?

After your citizenship interview, expect to receive the results from the USCIS. Here are the results and what to do:

  • Granted: Celebrate because you pass the citizenship interview. Invite your friends and family to a nice dinner!
  • Denied: Sorry! The USCIS will let you know why your application is denied and how to “appeal” their decision in their letter. You only have 30 days to file an appeal, so don’t wait! Appeal may be very costly if you don’t know what to do or hire an immigration lawyer.
  • Continue: It’s bad, but not as bad as “Denied”. It may simply mean that you didn’t pass the English and Civic portion of the citizenship interview but the USCIS lets you take the test one more time. If so, then make sure to buy the citizenship CD from Citizenship Coach to study again. That CD helps you study the new citizenship questions (which are asked in 215 ways!) and helps improve your English at the same time. There is no 3rd chance, make sure you don’t fail again. ”Continue” may also means that you’re missing a required document. The USCIS will tell you exactly what the document they need from you, where to get it and how to give it to them. Make sure to follow the direction closely, don’t wait, don’t be late, or they will deny your application.
This CD costs $10 more than average, but it is one of the best to help you pass your citizenship interview.

This CD set will cost you a few dollar more, but it is Citizenship Coach's #1 selling CD in the U.S.A. Very helpful.

On average, it costs $2,000 or more in time, application fees, and lawyer fees to appeal a “Denied” case. So, if you want to pass your citizenship interview right on the first time, make sure to study the right way, learn from the right citizenship material. So, be careful! Spend some extra dollars to get the best one. Then, study, study, and study, because you will need it to pass.

Good luck with your citizenship interview.

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