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After the Citizenship Interview, What Next?

After your citizenship interview, expect to receive the results from the USCIS. Here are the results and what to do:

  • Granted: Celebrate because you pass the citizenship interview. Invite your friends and family to a nice dinner!
  • Denied: Sorry! The USCIS will let you know why your application is denied and how to “appeal” their decision in their letter. You only have 30 days to file an appeal, so don’t wait! Appeal may be very costly if you don’t know what to do or hire an immigration lawyer.
  • Continue: It’s bad, but not as bad as “Denied”. It may simply mean that you didn’t pass the English and Civic portion of the citizenship interview but the USCIS lets you take the test one more time. If so, then make sure to buy the citizenship CD from Citizenship Coach to study again. That CD helps you study the new citizenship questions (which are asked in 215 ways!) and helps improve your English at the same time. There is no 3rd chance, make sure you don’t fail again. ”Continue” may also means that you’re missing a required document. The USCIS will tell you exactly what the document they need from you, where to get it and how to give it to them. Make sure to follow the direction closely, don’t wait, don’t be late, or they will deny your application.
This CD costs $10 more than average, but it is one of the best to help you pass your citizenship interview.

This CD set will cost you a few dollar more, but it is Citizenship Coach's #1 selling CD in the U.S.A. Very helpful.

On average, it costs $2,000 or more in time, application fees, and lawyer fees to appeal a “Denied” case. So, if you want to pass your citizenship interview right on the first time, make sure to study the right way, learn from the right citizenship material. So, be careful! Spend some extra dollars to get the best one. Then, study, study, and study, because you will need it to pass.

Good luck with your citizenship interview.

6 Best Benefits of Being a United States Citizen!

You just passed your citizenship test! You are now officially a United State citizen. Congratulations! Now what? The election season (with some of the most important elections) has just passed by without your votes. What’s next? What’s in it for you? See 6 top benefits of being a US citizen below.

More and more Citizenship classes are using SurePass Citizenship Test Online in class.

More and more Citizenship classes are using SurePass Citizenship Test Online. High-tech citizenship classes like this have become more popular thanks to Citizenship Coach's effort to empower citizenship teachers nationwide.

The right to vote is one of the most important right to every citizen. Those immigrants who had lived under opressive regimes can fully understand the right – not privilege - to have your votes counted. Casting your first vote as a United State citizen must be a great experience. Well, you will have more chances to vote in the future. As long as you remain a US citizen, your right to vote is not taken away.

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Voting right is not the only benefit of being a US citizen. Frankly speaking, if voting right is the only benefit, then most immigrants would not pay hundreds of dollars to apply and spend countless hours studying the citizenship questions, which have just been changed. And some of us who are US citizens don’t even bother to vote! So, with everything considered, what are the stronger motives for immigrants to become naturalized citizens? Below are a few:

  1. The right to petition family members to the United States: Almost all newly naturalized citizens that have relatives out of the states plan to bring them over: children, parents, or family members.
  2. Pride: New citizens are proud of their accomplishment. A citizen status means that they have been in the United States for awhile, that they have passed the citizenship test, and that they are now a legitimate member of the most powerful group of people on earth.
  3. Travel with ease: If you travel a whole lot outside of the country, you should be a citizen. It’s just easier traveling with a US Passport. More than that, if you get in trouble oversea, you can ask for help, and help will come!
  4. Work for the Government: This economy doesn’t spare anyone, even Government workers. But the Government does have great jobs, and these jobs do come to citizens only!
  5. Receive Social Security Benefits: The Social Security Benefit system is having trouble right now and talks of reformation still remain talks. But it it works out, you can receive benefits, of course, when you meet the age requirement.

There are so many other benefits, but those are the major ones. So, if you are a US citizen, congratulations! If you are not but studying for the citizenship test, keep on going! Get help with your test at Citizenship Coach. They’re there to help you pass your citizenship test with ease!