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“Without you, it was impossible for me to pass my citizenship test. I'm not sure how people like me can pass the new test, which is harder, without your help.” — Raf A. Salinas - from Costa Rica (Quote translated from Spanish)

Citizenship Test by Citizenship Coach, LLCCitizenship Coach is on its way to become the #1 online provider of Citizenship Test education materials, including Citizenship Test Study Guide, professionally produced CDs, and online training system. We're the proud creator of SurePass™ — the premiere, patent-pending Citizenship Test Online Training System, the first of its kind that uses 2 videos simutaniously along with audios - MP3 - for each question and answer in multiple languages. We also offer immigration advice and services to help immigrants obtain their US citizenship.

Our people are an all-star team of professional Voice Artists, Voice Instructor, Citizenship Test Preparation Teacher, and Web Technologists with above-average years of experience, providing unsurpassed level of quality across the product line.

The SurePass™ System uses the latest of online video streaming technology along with high-quality audio read by professional and natural born American. At an exceptionally low fee of 50¢ a day, Citizenship students can expect the best possible tool to help them pass the new Citizenship Test with confidence.

We offer volume discounts to not-for-profit groups and organizations that serve immigrants. Please let us know and we will help.

Citizenship Test: Study for your citizenship interview with CD & DVD. If you want an even better way to learn your citizenship questions, take our convenient online citizenship training class! You'll love it!